Super, Super Bowls

Those of you who know me, know how much I love a terrific decorative object. Especially one that does double duty by being both good-lookin’ and having a job. And if that job is holding and presenting delightful and delicious yummies, what more could this girl ask?!  So as this weekend is the Superbowl and I don’t know much about Eagles or Patriots, I thought I could at least write about a subject I do know a ‘lil something about . . . gorgeous design. Here’s my take on the super, super bowls.


Square Bowls

I discovered Tina Frey at last year’s NYNow show just this past week. She was in one of those doubled-wide, non-booth, booths – you know what I mean – the kind that feels more like an open living room rather than a veal stall. Her display was at the end of the aisle and open on three sides and dotted with low tables and a modern kind of no-shelf, shelf displaying her gorgeous acrylic wares. There was color and whimsy everywhere – evoking the sea, and autumn and winter white. This in an image of some of her older work – but it is all incredibly chic.  She was lovely too – kind and tall and elegant, her hair swept back in a no-fuss bun. I hoped that if I stood there for just a moment maybe some of that magic would rub off on me too.

Tina Frey Designs
Assorted bowls and objects
$85 – $160
*Seen at the NYNow show.



Spin Lotus Bowls

Lotus Bowls





Enamel bowl

If you’re a reader of my blog than you know how partial I am to Danish design. BoConcept, the 60-year-old Danish furniture company is one of my favs. Their lean, smart design makes them a must-peruse when looking for home accessories. And who doesn’t love a company that states in all its printed material that the notion of respect is their most important core value?! It also doesn’t hurt that they seem to have made a little film with my beloved Mads Mikkelsen whom I discovered long before James Bond did or even the folks behind Hannibal.

This bowl’s aluminum exterior and wood grain enamel interior on the inside make it the perfect kind of rough-luxe piece you know I love!

Bo Concepts
Aluminum/sand colored enamel
5¾” H x 14¼” W x 13½” D”




bowl. tall “black circles”

Gail Garcia successfully integrates her work as a designer with her background as a painter by creating one-of-a-kind hand-painted ceramics for her company Dinner-Ware Art for the Table. Black Circles is part of a series of bowls, each unique and yet clearly connected by form and materials and voice. I know this is a bit of a stretch – but there is something about her use of color that subtly reminds me of the work of Helen Frankenthaler.

Art for the Table and Home by Gail Garcia
Italian painted earthenware bowls
Gloss inside, matte outside
Food safe
Hand wash
No microwave

Extra large tall bowl 14″.5″ x 7″
Large Tall Bowl 11″.75″ x 6″
Medium Tall Bowl 9.75″ x 4.75″
*Seen at the NYNow show.




Ombre Celedon Nesting Bowls

Portland-based designer Lisa Jones has created this set of three generously sized hand-thrown porcelain bowls in a celadon-ombre. I love the unglazed and sanded texture of their exterior and their smooth green interior. They remind me of the sea.

Pigeon Toe Ceramics
$ 180.00 Celedon
Set of three hand-thrown porcelain bowls
Food safe

Large bowl 10″ W (at lip) x 5″ H
Medium Bowl 8″ W (at lip) x 4″ H
Small Bowl 6″ W (at lip) x 3″ H
*Seen at the NYNow show.




Round Flexible Cork Bowl

There is so much to love about this little eco-friendly, foldable, washable (!) little bowl. It’s made from cork – the perfect sustainable material which means that it’s also anti-microbial for all you fellow germophobes. It’s durable and pliable and incredibly versatile. And most importantly, it doesn’t require the deforesting of forests or the use of toxic toxins to create!

Viva Terra


Camellia Etched Deep Serving Bowl

Heath Ceramics is an iconic brand and still a major go-to for many stylists, food photographers and creative directors of magazines such as Food & Wine, Bon Appetite and others. Take a look at the photo credits in your favorite foodie magazine and I bet you’ll find at least one Heath piece listed.

Founded in 1948 by the American studio potter Edith Heath, the company’s pieces are a terrific example of modern work deeply rooted in mid-century design. I love how the opaque white of the Camellia Bowl (it was named after the Alabama state flower!) explores the intersection of stitch and clay.

Heath Ceramics
Designed by Alabama Chanin
6″ Dia, 4″ H, 35 oz
Dishwasher, microwave and oven safe up to 400 degrees


muse_bowlMuse Bowl

Ceramicist Jonathan Adler is known for his love affair with the 1970s. The whimsical Muse Bowl is no exception. It’s inspired by the work of Salvador Dali (all those lips) and Misia Godebska a muse to many artists and the scandalous menage-a-tois-loving wife of Spanish muralist Jose-Maria Sert (Dali’s family friend) with whom she shared her life and a real-deal Russian princess mistress. So I’m thinking that everyone was kinda kissing everyone?

Inspired by Salvador Dali and Misia
Sculpted white porcelain finished with a sheer, high gloss glaze
Microwave and top rack dishwasher safe
5″ H x 9″ W
*Seen at the NYNow show.


Bleus d’Ailleurs

I’ve known Hermes for its graphic print textiles (I have a friend who wears only their ties) and classic handbags for many years, yet I had no idea that they created porcelain tableware until I visited MONC XIII in Sag Harbor very early in the life of this blog. It was mad love right away. They are incredibly beautiful and must be seen in person as the depth of color and power of their patterns cannot fully translate through an image.




Somerville Nut Bowl

I used to see Ricky and Ralph Lauren in Telluride walking along West Colorado Ave, hand-in-hand like teenagers. I loved it because doing so always reminded me that they are real people, living real lives – just a couple of kids from the Bronx who made good. I’ve often wondered if we’re related as my grandmother’s maiden name was also Lifshitz, the same as Ralph’s real last name before he changed it. And once I saw this little nut bowl I knew that it must be true! They are the perfect balance of decadence and glamour and gorgeous lean design! Maybe next I see him I’ll go right up and say “Hey Cuz!”


Ralph Lauren Home
Brushed exterior. Polished Interior
Hand wash
Made in Italy
2¼” H x 5″ W





Welcome White Bowl

The Welcome Collection was conceived with the idea of creating stoneware that brings together family and friends to enjoy conversation and good food and yummy wine and good cheer. I really like the artisanal look of each piece – no two being alike.

Crate and Barrel
Designed by Aaron Probyn
Dishwasher, microwave and oven-safe to 300 degrees
Made in Thailand
6.5″ W x 5.75″ D x 2.25″ H


Barre Pasta Bowl

After 10 years of success in Kilkenny, Ireland master glassblower Simon Pearce moved to Quechee, Vermont in 1981 and opened his first American studio. He renovated a historic wooden mill in and added a working water turbine so that he could harness the power of the Ottauquechee river. Along the way he created two more studios, a renown restaurant, wrote a successful book (A Way of Living) and expanded by creating a robust ceramics line where he’s used the same lean, understated and sophisticated eye to that has made his glassware such a terrific success. All of his wares are handmade and one can even go and see his artisans at work as the studios are open for tours.

*Pearce’s son Kevin was a highly medaled snowboarder who sustained a devastating brain injury while training for the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2009. Lucy Walker’s film, The Crash Reel, tells his about his extraordinary rise, and fall and friendship with rival Shawn White.

Simon Pearce
Handmade in America
Lead and cadmium free
Dishwasher and microwave safe

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