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KnotworkLA Wood Spoons
Tall Small Spoons. Approximately 11″ in length.

I love these whimsically reimagined wooden spoons created by Los Angeles designers Linda Hsaio and Kagan Taylor that I found at the NYNow innovative design show over the summer.


KNOTWORKLA - Linda Hsiao & Kagan TaylorL_884x490px

Hsaio an industrial designer, ceramicist, gardener and chef and Kagan an architect, woodworker and teacher, craft each piece by hand out of remnants and found bits of oak, walnut and cherry wood. They formed their company Knotwork LA as an “outlet to discover the work we do in our spare time,” they write on their website.



KnotworkLA Round Walnut Rattle
Round Walnut Rattle

Most pieces are made to order and include spatulas, spreaders, pie servers and these walnut rattles inspired by the great Isamu Noguchi. The process by which they make these noise-makers make noise is a wonderful mystery.


KnotworkLA Amber Procelain Inlay Vase
Amber Porcelain Inlay Vase. 5″D x 7.5″H

Another favorite is Ms. Hsaio’s ceramic vases. Her decision to inlay different kinds of clay – porcelain and stoneware – creates texture and depth and suggests an unrevealed, lighthearted narrative steeped in whimsy and joy. To my delight, she also makes plates and bowls using the same technique.




Mystery Creature. 2″x3″x2″

The work of Linda Hsaio and Kagan Taylor is meaningful beyond just the lovely pieces they craft because their philosophy celebrates the notion that we are always creating even and especially when we are unaware of doing so.



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