Chazz Palminteri

I really liked meeting and speaking with Chazz Palminteri. He was interesting and thoughtful and passionate about his work.

I decided to finally post our discussion because my grand idea to create a podcasting series about film is taking too long. Don’t worry – I’m still working on it – and two other projects as well – yet in the words of Rick Linklater – time is marching on. So I wanted to get with it already.

Chazz and I met on the top floor of an office building near the Public Theater in New York City. The entire room was covered in a kind of knotty wood panelling. Sound was bouncing all around us, the elevator was dinging and there was an intermittent beep emanating from a undescernible source. And yet we soldiered on. I was excited to meet him as I had seen a great deal of his work over the years including his debut feature, which was the film version of his one-man show A Bronx Tale, directed by no less than Robert De Niro who also starred in it. And Woody Allen’s Bullets Over Broadway, for which he was nominated and The Usual Suspects, Bryan Singer’s extraordinary film about truth and crime and perception.

He sniffed me out a bit when he came into the room. He was chewing gum and wore sunglasses unsure if he wanted to connect. Yet, as soon as he realized that I was truly interested in having a real discussion about his work and process the glasses came off, the gum came out and we were off.

Tony recorded and recently digitally remastered this piece – he’s magic with sound! Together we would really like to say a giant THANK YOU to Mr. Palminteri for his time and attention and graciousness.

*Thanks as well to Jessica Uzzan and Mary Ann Hult of Hook Publicity for putting this all together for us and to Joe O’Connell of BlastNY for his wisdom, support and for generously providing the recording equipment for this interview.



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